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help need with my machine


help need with my machine

hey peeps...

i have a custom built high ish spec machine which i have spent over £1000 on

does anyone know of anywhere where i could sell my machine and get a good price for im after a lap top now

pentium 4 3.0
2 seperate 80 gig HD
1.5 gig ddr ram
256mb nvidia card
see through case with illuminess green lights that sort of thing.
tft monitior blah blah

im a local lad

it was built at that shop just round from staples at the bottom of the moor.

thanks in advace


up the owls

help need with my machine

You could sell it Here

It may be better to break it and sell each piece of hardware individually. And it would help if you still have some packaging.

help need with my machine

You wont get much for it as the specs are not that good you have a job to buy 80 gig hd now as 160 gig are only £40. Judging buy local prices in my area if you got £300 you would be doing well thats based on the limited specs you have given.

A new 64 bit pc is only £429

Still at the lower end of a modest PC budget this mid range PC is also built with the very latest AM2 and PCI Express technology ensuring easy upgrades in the future....


AMD SEMPRON 3400 64bit latest AM2 Socket
1Gb DDR 2 Memory
Gigabyte PCI Express Motherboard
On Board nVidia Geforce 6100 PCIE Graphics
120GB 7200 Harddrive
On Board Sound
16x Sony DVD-ROM
Pioneer 111D DVD-Writer
Mars Case
400 Watt Power Supply
Floppy Drive
Includes Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and Licence

help need with my machine

thats my worry

pc's just are not worth that much these days...

i feel ill end up donating it to someone in the i did with my last one...

cheers for the reply anyway