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help! - default text is in italic


help! - default text is in italic

hi, need help, where in windows is the default setting for the fonts, for some reason, everything i am seeing, be it via firefox,or ie. is in italic!! and is driving me mad! anyone have any clues where to change this

its also happing in programs like dreamweaver and fireworks

Cheers j.
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help! - default text is in italic

Assuming you're using xp and that you mean the Menu Bar text.

Right click the Desktop and choose Properties. Click on the Appearance tab, then the Advanced button. In Item dropdown choose Menu and then under Font click on the Italic button on the far right to toggle off the italic font.

If I've got it wrong Shockedops: with my assumption I'm sure you will be able to see what part of the "Windows Screen Furniture" is displaying in italic and fix accordingly.

Hope this helps.