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getting a router


getting a router


am woundering if some one can help me get my head around networking my 4 pc's up

the situation is that i want to get 1mb line from plus net. (jusy finish my 12 months 512 easy start with you ) so am upgrading. But i want to get a 4 port router to share the connection and limit bandwidth for selected pc's on the network( all ethernet, not wireless, plus all win xp) . the thing is i do not want to buy the router off plus net becuase get them alot cheaper from

But will i need just any router or a router + modem (combo)? i want to run the phone line into the router and share out the connection that way. than getting a modem connected to my pc and sendin the connection down to the switch for it to be shared out there. ( which i have now)

hope i have not lost any one here

thanks for any reply's

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getting a router

You can get routers that have an ADSL modem and a 4 port switch (to connect 4 PCs directly or upto 253 via hubs). Many now come with a built in hardware firewall. They are much easier to setup than buying separate ADSL ethernet modems and 4 router/switches. A very good one is the Netgear DG834 for about £70 but there are several other similar products which I'm sure will get mentioned by others below..

There is no way to limit the bandwidth each PC uses without some very expensive equipment, but you don't need to bother anyway as all 4 PCs will just share what is available. Clearly if your usng any P2P software like kaza it will use as much bandwidth as you have so you will need to limit it's use within the software itself.

getting a router

You will need a router that performs port managment to be able to rate limit each port seperatly.

Aklternatly, you could get a managed switch to perform this function, from which you could have a single port router attached instead.

Managed switches can be expensive. Routers like the Zyxel 662HW perform per port managment (or will from the next firmware), but are also out of some price leagues.

The problem is, these are high end features, and don't feature of the low end of cheaper models.

getting a router

thanks lads for your reply! very helpful

think i will go with the Netgear DG834

just need plus net to upgrade my line now Cheesy