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geforce pci e or agp


geforce pci e or agp

i am using a 6600 geforce pny i want to upgrade to a better card i can go pcie or agp i have £200 to spend

my systerm windows xp home
athlon 64 3500 venice
asrock duel-sata2 m/b
1gb corair xms ram 3200
sata2 w/d wd1600js h/d
hiper r 580w psu
if i get a good card will this psu be any good for a high end card
ati do not like them so it nvidia please help
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geforce pci e or agp

The PSU is more than capable for what you need.

Are you saying your mobo supports both PCI-E and AGP graphics cards (which are not compatible)? If not, then you will need to change your mobo to fit a PCI-E graphics card?

The Tom's hardware VGA charts should tell how various cards compare then see what the fastest you can get for your budget.

geforce pci e or agp

Are you saying your mobo supports both PCI-E and AGP .

Its an Asrock Duel, so yes it has both an AGP and a PCI-E slot. Strange eh? lol

Get a PCI-E card, dont even bother with AGP if you dont have to.

And your only real option is the same card I have got:

Anything else just cannot compare to it for the price. The card is brand new technology, just came out this month. Look at the gaming forum at the Oblivion thread, you can see how my card performs with screenshots.

Pretty amazing really for the price.