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ftp weirdness


ftp weirdness

Okay, I'm having a couple of issues with my ftp. they seam to be inter-related in some way.

The first thing is that I have a file that appears to not exist. I'm a mac user and what appears to have happened is that my ftp client has uploaded an invisible file called 'icon' from a local directory. The problem is I can see the file on the server, but I can't modify it in any way. If I try to do anything to the file - delete, rename, move - I get an error message saying "No such file or directory (error -144)". This means I've basically got a redundant directory string containing the 'icon' file at the end of it.

Any ideas how I can shift this file?

The second issue is that on a handful of files I try to upload, the connection stalls. It seams to happen to specific files; JPEGs no larger than 200K each (their illustrations I've done, hence the larger file size). I've tested it by both renaming the errant file - upload stalls; and renaming a file I know works with the title of the broken one - uploads with no problems. I've tried re-saving the file in several ways, none of which have worked. I've also tried a number of ftp clients and they all behave the same way.

So any ideas what's going wrong?

This second problem has a sub issue in that the last time I tried to upload a file in question, somethings happened to it and it's now doing the same thing as the 'icon' file in my first issue.

Erm, help?

Thank you kindly,