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? faulty BT Voyager 2100


? faulty BT Voyager 2100

good moring!

i was wondering if somebody would possibly have advice for me on a problem with a wireless router BT voyager 2100.

it is connected to a laptop with built-in wlan functionality (intel 2100 chipset) and works fine normally. it appears though, that if i levae the computer unattended for a few hours (with or without network activity in between), it loses the connection to the router occasionally - even if sitting right next to the router. i can easily reconnect by right-clicking on the taskbar network icon and chosing "repair". this doesn't show any problems in the connection, but by deactivating and activating the network adapter, the connection is established again. also, i have noticed that the "wireless" led on the the router does not light permantly (as ist is supposed to according to the manual) even though a connection is established, but it blinks on activity.

thanks a lot for any ideas!