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external hard drive cases


external hard drive cases


Need an external hard drive for use on both PC and mac. Was told that my best bet is to simply buy a case and a standard 3.5" disk, that way I could replace only the disk if it breaks.

Anyone have any experience doing this? Any recommendations on which case to get and where to order it online? Quite like it to work with both Firewire and ISB 2.0.

Will it make a speed difference if I get a faster disk, or will FW/USB be the bottleneck? Do cases exist that take 10k rpm SATA disks? Is it worth the upgrade?

external hard drive cases

Try Ebay. They often have a good range of new and used HD cases, USB2 and Firewire, for sale at very good prices. I have had no troubles with my 5.25 case bought on Ebay.
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external hard drive cases


You could try

I bought a Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 External Drive Enclosure Kit last year to put a "spare" 80gb hard drive in. You can have a look at it Check out the reviews, the fan in mine is not as noisy as people say.

It is USB 2.0 only so I'm not sure if that'll work on a mac. Never used one myself Sad
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external hard drive cases

Just bought one today

A 120 gig Maxtor External HDD. Seems to be an exellent piece of kit.
Comes complete with all cables, software and PSU.
Says onthe box that it works with PC and Mac and connects via USB or Firewire.

Got this one from Scan part No 4576 on their website.