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email incredmail


email incredmail

Does anyone know how to or if incredmail

will work with MSN email or must it be assighned to your main internet provider?

email incredmail

I would be worried using this software as it did have a keylogger in it which sent back info to their server. I dont know if this is still the case.

I would look at Thunderbird

Its totally free with no spyware and it does most emails like gmail etc.

email incredmail

Thanks Cheesy

email incredmail

Could you please explain what a keylogger is :?:
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email incredmail

It is software that gets installed silently on your PC when you install something else and runs in the background. It monitors any keyboard activity and records it. It and then sends the logs to servers on the internet that hackers/spammers know about.

It is used to capture things like logins and passwords for instance to your online bank or when you access online email like webmail etc.

They are VERY bad news.
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Iv been using Incredimail for 2 1/2 years without a problem ,but it wont work with MSN , there are no security problems with it and it makes it possible to create nice emails .
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email incredmail

I used to be a big fan of incredimail and its lovely animations. Unfortunately though I stopped using it and due to vast numbers of Win98 reinstalls, I gave up on it and just stuck to Outlook Express (which is easier to export/import account settings).

I never heard of the keylogger issue but smaller software companies do try this kind of thing sometimes - Real did a similar thing years ago with their realplayer.

Incredimail does not work with MSN hotmail. That seems to be exclusive to Outlook Express.
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