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e-smith / SME 6.0 Network problem (Linux)


e-smith / SME 6.0 Network problem (Linux)

Here's another problem from the professional book of network problems Cheesy

I have an adsl modem/router which goes into a 4 port hub out of which comes 3 pcs, one of which is an sme 6.0 linux server. With me so far?

The server is acting in server mode only and provides dhcp facility to the other PCs. The router directs all port 80 traffic to the server. All works ok


My server has the capability of being in gateway/server mode and as such would provide better security as it will act as a firewall. At the moment it doesnt and I am not very confident with my Origo modem/router.

When I try to configure the server to gateway/server mode it will not connect to the internet via the modem/router. I have tried re cabling ie.. modem/router to server, server to hub and then pcs to hub.

Does anyone have knowledge of the sme 6.0 server system who can provide some ideas of getting around this networking problem ?