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display problems!


display problems!

just spent the last six hours reading books and going round in circles, the computer looks like its in safe mode but its not. ( I did press F8 but do you have to press another button to get back out of it?)

I've gone into start> settings> control panel> display but when I try to change the settings ( got 17' monitor) its just won't stay at the 1024 resolution, tried re-installing windows but no luck , i'm now having to use the laptop as internet settings gone as well, running like treacle and Norton virus e-mail/auto protect I can't enable them either. any help would be appreciated!

display problems!

You may have picked up a virus, as some do and can disable virus scanners.

As for the display settings, have you checked that the correct video card drivers are installed/ inuse ?? The generic VGA drivers will only allow up to 800 x 600 in most cases.

Loss of internet settings and running like treacle can again point to a virus.

Try downloading McAfee stinger and run that (a self contained virus scanner and cleaner that checks for the more common viruses). IOt's only 768k so can be transfered from your laptop to PC by floppy.

display problems!

Hi thanks for the advice, I've suspected a virus or possibly a trojan for a while now, as also probs on start up/shut down ( just hangs) and it also just locks and freezes as well, sorted the video driver out, I've got a diagnostics disk and for display problems. I followed that...
...start>settings>control panel,
then clik on 'device manager' tab
double click display adapter, highlight the entry listed
then click 'remove' button
confirm removal, click on 'yes'
close all open windows then restart computer
when windows ( I'm running 9Cool starts, it will report new hardware detected, then I think I had to restart again and then it worked!

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display problems!

what card do you have, what drivers do you have for that card? maybe updating said card drivers would be a good idea?

if you have reinstalled windows and your PC is still running slow check your hard drive space, and also maybe more ram will help