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did MS used pirated software to create Xp


did MS used pirated software to create Xp

In the Windows system directory:
"Windows\Help\Tours\WindowsMediaPlayer\Audio\W av".

Located there are exactly nine WAV files, with a size between 80 and 360 Kilobytes. They serve as background sound during the Windows Media Player Tour. When you open one of these files with the notepad, you at first only see scrambled letters. Of course, you think, it's a sound file, after all.

But things become interesting when you scroll down to the very bottom in notepad. Located there is a type of watermarking, which records the software that the Microsoft musician used to create the WAV files.

The following text is there:
LISTB INFOICRD 2000-04-06 IENG Deepz0ne ISFT Sound Forge 4.5

At first, that sounds anything but spectacular. It seems as if the Microsoft musician or the freelance musician commissioned by Microsoft used the Sony-made software " Sound Forge " (formerly Sonic) in its 4.5 version. Sound Forge is a tool for professionals and enables users to create WAV, AIFF, MP3 and other music files priced at $400.

On its face, all that's not unusual: Microsoft uses professional software. Who would've thought? But wait a minute, who or what is "DeepzOne"? Bingo!

DeepzOne - A member of the Warez group

DeepzOne is (or at least was) member of the Warez group Radium that had specialized on cracking music software. Along with a person using the alias "Sandor," he was also co-founder of this group, which was established in 1997( see in this interview ). In addition, it was DeepzOne who started circulating the cracked 4.5 version of Sound Forge a few years ago.

A few years back, the group "Radium" caused quite a stir. It cracked the original Fraunhofer MP3 codec in order improve the limited MP3 codec that comes along with Microsoft. To listen to MP3s, the Windows codec was solid, but it offered only limited encoding functions. The Radium codec, by contrast, boasted an improved encoder (up to 320 Kbit/s). During this Warez release, then, the name DeepzOne" surfaced.

But what is the name "DeepzOne" doing in nine WAV files in Windows XP? Nothing more than a coincidence? One has the suspicion that that the files were generated with the cracked version of Sound Forge 4.5. It's difficult to say whether Microsoft itself did that or one of the freelancers. Only the Redmond-based employees in charge of the Windows Media Player will know that for sure. It seems, though, as if someone wanted to get around filling out an investment order to buy a software worth $400.

The topic still raises a moral problem, though, as Microsoft is quick to report every oh-so-minor success in the fight against piracy. In the wake of that move, the company also joined the BSA (Business Software Alliance), which has devoted itself to the "fight against software piracy" and persecutes violators around the globe. But maybe BSA knows which office door it should knock on next...

Microsoft has yet to issue a statement. It will be interesting to get the company's position on this issue

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did MS used pirated software to create Xp

I would just warn that stating out and out that they did, could land you in hot water with the legal boy and gals at Redmond.

You will notice that the PC Welt site was very careful to ask the question, rather than state an answer.

It also provides an alternative reason.

It's difficult to say whether Microsoft itself did that or one of the freelancers.

I'd be tempted to edit the title if I were you, to change it to a question, perhaps just repeating the question asked by PC Welt. Wink

Did Microsoft use Warez for Windows XP?
Is a much more defendable position than switching the first two words around.
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did MS used pirated software to create Xp

MS in France have been done for piracy before:

"PARIS (11/28/2001) - The French subsidiary of one of the world΄s most vocal opponents of software piracy has itself been convicted of pirating a French 3D animation program. This is the first ruling on a matter that dates back to 1995, when Microsoft Corp. bought Softimage, a 3D computer-generated image (CGI) specialist whose software violated the intellectual property of a small French software house.

The Commercial Court of Nanterre fined Microsoft France 3 million francs (US$422,000) in damage and interest for software piracy. "It΄s a start," said a lawyer for the plaintiffs, "although Microsoft continues to stall on the provisional execution of the judgment.""


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did MS used pirated software to create Xp

M$ are still resposible for what material people employed by them put into their products, whether they are in-house or freelance

I was working for Ferranti when they were involved in producing about the first PC clone ever and they got into major trouble with IBM because they farmed out the BIOS to some people who were too lazy to do the job properly and copied some of IBM's BIOS! :roll:
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did MS used pirated software to create Xp

That article was written in November 2004. Please keep up.