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dial up taskbar green icon flashing & drive noises


dial up taskbar green icon flashing & drive noises

my dial up taskbar green icon keeps flashing & hard drive is making download type noises, i have zone alarm running, not sure why its behaving like this, it seems to have stopped now, any idea what this is,

Regards CC
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dial up taskbar green icon flashing & drive noises

I'm not entirely sure which Icon you are referring to, is this your Plusnet Connection Icon?

Are you running any P2P software? Do you have Windows Automatic Updates switched on, is any other software trying to Update?

If you are running Zone Alarm, then if you open the Control Center, top-right hand corner will show you which processes are currently accessing, or trying to access the internet.

Got any Antivirus Software installed trying to do a Scan?

Have you got any Spyware on your machine? Download Ad-Aware or Spybot (or even both) from, scan your system and see if it clears anything up. If you've never done it before, I can almost guarantee it will find some...

There are a number of things it could be, I have tried to highlight some of the most popular (in my experience) above.

What OS are you running by the way?