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dazzle 90 is driving me nuts.Help


dazzle 90 is driving me nuts.Help

Hi there has anybody had any trouble with Dazzle 90,am try to run from my old vcr via a scart adopter but am onley useing 2 wires black video in and red r-audio in can not capture anything,any ideas Please regards Mati Smiley Sad

update about Dazzle nuts

:roll: Have got the correct cable now but I think the problem is how do you tune the vhs output to the pcHuhthe vcr can only output to a channel but i do not think the pc is seeing this anyoneHuhplease :shock:
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dazzle 90 is driving me nuts.Help

A quick search reveals mixed opinions on this device.

for example.

First make sure your SCART to phono cable has all the phono connectors plugged in to the device. It might be refusing to do anything if one of the signals is missing. If that doesn't work I suggest you send it back and try a different one. Look for some online reviews before you buy.