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corsair twinx 3200c2pt


corsair twinx 3200c2pt

i have done three test on 3dmark 2001se
1. score 13594 antvirus running memory ram set to auto
2. score 13645 no ativirus running memory ram set to auto
3. score 13978 no antivirus running change bios to cas latency 2.5/ma timing 1t/dram voltage to high

how do i set the ram to i know where the 1t is and the cas 2.5
when changing adv dram config from auto to manual it reads read preamble 9.5ns asyc latency 11.0ns
where do i find the to set this..................... Shockedops:

win xp
hiper 580w
1024 ram
amd 64 3500 venice
geforce 6600

please help me set it up Wink

corsair twinx 3200c2pt

CAS latency control (TCL) = 2.0
RAS to CAS delay (TRCD) = 03
(TRAS) = 06
(TRP) = 03