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connection freezes with torrents


connection freezes with torrents

Hi there, this is a problem I've had for a while now, I've tried a few messageboards but nobody seems to have an answer.

Basicly, when I download torrents, my net connection freezes. I can still download the torrents, it's just normal browsing that is affected (e-mail is fine). The only way to get normal browsing back, is to restart the computer.

It seems to be intermitent, it's either when I'm downloading more than one torrent at a time or when I've been seeding for a while.

I've got a Netgear DG834 router connected to an XP machine and an iBook, it's only the XP machine that's affected, I can still browse using the iBook.

The client I'm using is BitLord, with only port 8652 forwarded.

Does anybody have any idea?

connection freezes with torrents

Have you tried opening task manager to see wether its the browser that has stopped responding, as this may be the case

Other suggestions are that the torrent client is using all the connections XP allows and thus the browser cant send/receive info

There is a patch on the net for this to increase the maximum connections it will allow (cannot remember location of patch so try a google on this)

connection freezes with torrents

Not seen this problem before.

Have you tried using a different browser to access the internet while downloading torrents?

You could change the version of Bittorrent you are using to see if that helps. I use ShadowTorrent and I have had a few problems with earlier versions of it.

I think the patch to change the number of net connections in XP is TweakXP or something similar.