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connectiing lap top to internet


connectiing lap top to internet

I have just bought a lap top and do not know how to get onto the internet with it. Its Advent windows vista.I have tried to install my disc that came with plusnet broadband but it just comes up with error. Any ideas what I should be doing? Would appreciate any help, (cant follow if its too technical)! lol

connectiing lap top to internet

As your post is on a Sunday afternoon I'm going to assume that you already have a computer at home that is connected to the internet.

What you do to connect your laptop will really depend on how you're connecting at the moment.

1) From your description of an error running the Plusnet Broadband disc is sounds like you're using a USB modem to connect. This can only be plugged into one computer at a time and will almost certainly not work with Vista in any case as most manufacturers haven't re-written their drivers yet. Although it's not recommended, it IS possible to share an internet connection between computers by buying a CROSS-OVER ethernet cable (standard patch cable won't work), directly connecting this between your computers and running the "Set up a home or small office network" wizard from "My Network Places". This approach will only allow your laptop to access the internet when your "primary" computer is switched on, and I don't recommend it - consider buying a router (see below).

2) If you're already using a router to connect to the internet you should just be able to plug a ethernet patch cable into the back of the router and Vista will do the rest (or use wireless if it is wireless enabled, see Vista help for how to connect to a wireless network).

If you haven't already got a router, I'd strongly suggest you invest in one. Wired routers are slightly cheaper and arguably more secure, but leave you with the problem of wiring and tie your internet connection to a single point. As you've purchased a laptop it'll almost certainly be wireless enabled, so you'll probably want to use a wireless connection, at least for that computer. Almost all wireless routers also contain at least one ethernet port, so you will be able to plug your other computer in using network cable if you want to (both computers can of course connect wirelessly if your existing computer has a wireless network card- and most modern ones do).

There's a baffling range of routers out there, and it's easy to get lost trying to work out what it is you actually need. The key point for you if that your existing modem won't be able to connect to the router, you'll need to buy a combined ADSL modem/router model. The Netgear DG834G seems to be the most recommended on here, containing a four port ethernet switch (translation, allows you to connect four computers using network cable), wireless, modem and firewall all in one. This seems to retail for between £50-£70 at the moment.

I'm not going to take you step by step through configuring this to use your broadband this is fairly simple and the Netgear literature does a good job of explaining it, but it's worth noting that you'll need your broadband username (probably and password (probably what you used to login to the forum) before you start. Might also be worth PM'ing me or replying with the model of your existing computer so we can check if you need any new hardware in order to be able to connect to a router (highly unlikely in any recent model).