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computer switches off


computer switches off

can anyone help. every time i run any P2Psoftware such as limewire, bittornado, emule and azureus after about ten minutes of downloading my computer switches off and restarts.
i have checked for viruses and spireware but all clear.
i am running xp home with SP2, zonealarm security suit.
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computer switches off

Take the cover off and do the same. If you don;t get the problem then it is likely to be heat related.

- Make sure all fans are running; CPU, case, PSU etc.
- Check all fans are clean and your CPU heatsink is clear of dust. Use a hoover and dry paintbrush.
- Ensure there is adequate ventilation all around the case and don't put it in a cabinate.

computer switches off

P2P software is very well known to be very memory intensive the more downloads you are using the more memory will be used. And it uses a hell of a lot.

I am not sure exactly what amount of memory is recommended but you could either not have enough or have a slightly dodgy dimm.

After doing as Peter said above, if you dont notice any obvious clog ups etc which can cause overheating visit:

Give that a whirl which should test for any problems with your memory.

Good luck Wink

computer switches off

Check your event log do you get Event ID 4226?

If you are running a lot of P2P you will exceed the tcip limit get the fix from

As the other member said its most likely heat doing it as P2P can send the cpu to 100%

computer switches off

P2P only uses a lot of memory if you have too little memory! It resorts to the pagefile, hence loads of disk access etc. So it is more likely to be a dodgy DIMM. A lot of people NEVER look at the event viewer! Ignore it at your peril. Easily accessed from start/run/eventvwr

I have 1gb of ram and azureus is using virtually nothing. However i have only one d/load not killing the bandwidth but it never does anyway. I have not used the patch for tcp either but having said that I have a fairly recent new install. Time may change that!