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binatone adsl 500 (3light) sharing problem


binatone adsl 500 (3light) sharing problem

Hi, I'm Hoping someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. Is there any way to set up ICS using the new binatone 3light modem. I used to have things working fine but after reinstalling win me on my main machine I have lost all internet connection fron the second machine which is also running ME.

I have full network connection and can transfer file but nothing shows in the dialup box so as far as I can tell I have nothing to share. I've tried pointing NO2 machine to the modem ie but it dont see it.

Am I completly going up the wrong tree, do I need to get a router and if so which one is known to work well with plusnet.

Thanks in advance

binatone adsl 500 (3light) sharing problem

I assume the pc with the modem has an ip of the second pc should have a ip in the same range ie and the key point is it should have the default gateway set to it should also have the dns set to +net dns.

It can be a bit silly at times but if you log on to each pc with the same username and password it should then work ok.