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auto login


auto login

hiya peeps

first of all its my fault put the wrong os on

i've just made myself a little mirc box for dl ing
old 233 processor but filled it with ram
i've put it out of the way in my comp room and using
radmin to connect to it
want to pull the keyboard mouse and monitor of it
but put 2000 advanced server on it
stupid i know but old processor and all that and was the
only old disc to hand
wat i'd like to know is
how to make the thing auto login on power up

thx in anticipation

Rob Cool

PS had mirc on main pc and thougt i'd
let it have a rest after my gaming sessions!!!
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auto login

2kas does not support auto log in as far as I know why not use linux as their are plenty of mirc type of programs for it and it's free as well as not having the processor overhead of 2K

auto login

if you install tweakUI it will be able to set it up so you can auto login, (i cant remeber the tweek that does it for ya)

Running a linux // bsd distro would be the best idea tbh, try OpenBSD and IRSSI and you should have your self a very nice dl box Cheesy with no gui and a command line IRC client Wink perfect for your old CPU
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auto login

Making a 2000 box log on is dead easy (assuming you are ok navigating the registry) (Actually it can be done via messing with your services as well but hey ho, this is easier)

You need to modify your Reg settings with the following :

Go to :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

If they are not listed add the following :

AutoAdminLogon = 1

add these as strings with the relevant details.

Thats what I do at work and it saves alot of hastle with our Citrix Server.


auto login

many thx for your tips
will try them out


Rob Cool