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asrock m/b nvidia cards help


asrock m/b nvidia cards help

does anyone have a asrock-duel-sata2 m/b want to run a 7600gt pcie or a 7900gt pcie will this m/b will it be ok with the cards ...

had a ati x800gt it worked ok in windows but start a game it will freeze and a had to re-boot sent it back to the shop and the only card they had for the same money was a nvidia 6600 agp ( i want to upgrade to a 7900gt whitch is the best model and the best company for the card i have £200 for the 7900gt.

windows xp home
amd 64 3500 venice
1gb duel channel ram corsair 3200c2pt
sata2 w/d 160h/d

asrock m/b nvidia cards help

Yep either of those cards will work fine.

They are very good cards - the 7600GT and 7900GT. Obviously the 7900 GT is far superior as the price point shows.