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accessing my unix box over the net


accessing my unix box over the net


If my home pc is connected to the internet via my adsl connection - how do i go about accessing it / configuring it so that i can access this machine when i am not at home ie over the net ?

I realise that there are security concerns and i will need to setup some kind of firewall - i think my wireless router has firewall sw installed

note the box will be running unix


accessing my unix box over the net

What do you actually want to do remotely?

I have two options and use both depending on circumstances.

    Option 1: ssh. Most Unix boxes come with ssh. Forward port 22 on your router to your PC and it should just work (pretty much). This gives you access to the command-line simply and pretty much anything else with some fiddling about.

    Option 2: VPN. My router has a VPN option, so I just connect to that and access the machine as if I were on the same network. The advantage of this is that you can easily access are shared drives, etc.

Other options are things like VNC.

--> Stephen

Linux on plus net

Aslong as you have a static IP address you should be fine no problems.

most routers have an option to choose 1 ip address on your network to be a DMZ host. This means all incoming requestthes are sent to that IP address (that of the Linux box)

This will be good for testing, but its not secure.

Port 22 ssh is main port you want open, for command line access
But if you wanted to run web port 80 using say apache
or mail server port 25 uasing postfix or sendmail

I run debian Linux off of my plus account, I run web, DNS, mail
I have a linux community web site at

If you know what you want to do get in contact and I'll be more than happy ro help you getup and running.