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XP2 and Read-Only folders


XP2 and Read-Only folders

Dear All,

Earlier on (like about a month ago) I posted a couple of queries I had about folders that couldn't be accessed or deleted after I had moved partitions with Partition Magic 8. Unfortunately, I've been away but just before I went someone asked if my HDD was a Maxtor - I think that it's a Fujitsu (where my C: drive is) but the other HDD is indeed a Maxtor. The problem is with the Fujitsu drive.

However, the problem is much worse now. All my folders - on both drives - are read-only which means I can't store any files on my HDDs! So it looks like a Windows XP problem.

Any help gratefully received.

Definitely trouble in Twickenham,


XP2 and Read-Only folders

All folders in XP are set as read-only but it doesn't stop you putting files in them.

Try booting up in Safe Mode and then reboot normally - this might clear it.