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XP to W2K Networking


XP to W2K Networking

Hi, if anyone can help with this, that will be a fitting end to a frustrating week.

I have a shiny new Windows XP system to replace a W2K laptop. Both are happily co-existing on my (wireless) 'Net connection and happily browsing concurrently. I've assigned static IP addresses ( to W2K and to the XP box).

x.x.0.2 can ping x.x.0.4 - vice versa is just timing out.

Both boxes can ping x.x.0.1, the router.

I'm not well versed on networking - usually it just like works. If someone can give me a clue as to where to look (and which system might be misbehaving) that'd be very helpful.

Thanks in advance ...

... Jeremy

XP to W2K Networking

Any firewalls anywhere?

XP to W2K Networking

Have both pc got the same subnet? if not change them. Any firewalls?

How have you setup the wireless is it adhoc?
What are you trying to do?
Do a tracert to the other pc and see were its going. I would suspect its the wireless card seting that is the problem only letting you connect via the router which is geting confused as its in the same subent change the cards to adhoc and see if that solves it.
If not post the results of ipconfig /all for both pc's(start/run/cmd/ipconfig/all) and the tracert

XP to W2K Networking

Got it - and thanks. My workgroup names didn't match. And I had Zonealarm set to reject unspecified IP addresses. And I hadn't added the new IP address to Zonealarm's permitted list.

Otherwise, I had done everything right :roll: .

All help appreciated. And now, I'm gonna take a networking class Smiley