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XP & Binatone ADSL500 Crash


XP & Binatone ADSL500 Crash

I am running XP with service pack 1 and my machine keeps crashing in IE.
I am not running any other applications just XP and the binatone software CD.
I think that its a USB / ADSL 2 light problem because as soon as I use my 56k dial up everything works fine.
Any ideas, I was going to re install the drivers for the modem from the binatone website but I am not sure if the ones that I have installed already are newer ....
Any help / ideas appreciated.

XP & Binatone ADSL500 Crash

Rerun through the setup and if that doesnt work you could try another web browser?

Can you actually connect or is IE dieing b4 u get the chance?

Also if u can you could try connection through ur "network connections" link & then go into IE

(i hope there is 1 - havnt used adsl yet.... but vagly remmeber a connection there on a friends computer - poor old me is wating for my line to be activated atm)

Try all the usual trouble shooting activities link unplug other usb devices etc incase theres a conflit. Maybe change the port the modem is conected on

Also check device manager (right click my computer, click hardware tab, then device manager button. and see if theres any yellow/ red markers on hardware... mainly ur modem) to make sure that the modem is picked up and properly installed

Errm other than tht i dunno... i'll post any other ideas if i get them[/code]