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XP Start up problems


XP Start up problems

For the last few weeks I have been having problems starting my PC. It seems that having downloaded an update/updates automatically I am unable to start XP. Eventually I have to re-boot and start the system in 'safe' mode and complete a system restore to a date prior to the last update. I have now switched automatic updates to 'warn' me before updating the system. My concern now is that I am missing important updates. I suspect the problem relates to the Windows Genuine Advantage' update !!!. Incidentally, my system up until this problem has been running fine, only has genuine software installed (No copies of anything) and has been set on automatic updates since I originally purchased the PC. I also run 'AVG' on a weekly basis along with 'spybot' to keep the system 'clean' Is anyone else having this problem?, does anyone have any suggestions?. Thanks
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XP Start up problems

You could take a look in the error log but have you installed any applications recently?

Best to notify downloads and select what you want.

The genuine advantage download happens about every fortnight though if you turn it off.

XP Start up problems

The WGA update is a pain in the backside and thousands of genuine pc have had false negatives. It shouldnt cause a problem but i know a lot who have problems after its installed despite what ms says

You could look at

They give some fixes. WGA checks your pc everytime it boots and that seems to be the problem. Some security stops it working as it calls home all the time and it then thinks you pc isnt genuine.

Ms are going to end up with massive problems as people are turning off updates to stop this tool and as a result you could end up with 1000's of pc's being vulnerable and taken over.

If you select custom install and untick wga and then say dont notify me again it should stop it.