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XP Service Pack 2


XP Service Pack 2

I knew I shouldn't have downloaded and installed XP2. So i thought I would give it a go, and my fears were correct, after I installed and restarted my computer (6months old) a top notch machine loaded with XP home edition. Nothing worked at all, eveytime XP tried to load on restart it failed and kept on restarting itself. In the end I had to do a system restore, luckily for me all is fine now, without XP2! Evil

Think I'll wait a bit longer now, for Microsoft to sort this one out.
Anyone else had any problems loading XP2

Regards :lol:

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XP Service Pack 2

There are several SP2 threads on the go - see here for the most active one.

XP Service Pack 2

:twisted: I've had exactly the same problem, but cannot get to do a system restore. Neither can I do a boot from CD. It's going to be a job for the local shop I think.. I don't know what to do next, and don't want to damage otehr stuff on the disc (what back up.... that was next week!)



After Windows booted up in DOS it gave me options one was SAFE MODE start your computer in this mode, you should be able to do a System Restore, programs,accessories, system tools then sysyem restore.
I restored it back an hour before I installed Service Pack 2
My system is back to how it was, i have now turned off Auto Updates from Microsoft... Good Luck!