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XP Networking problem


XP Networking problem


I have an office with a router and two Dell XP Professional computers attached that have been hapily sharing broadband, files and printer for a year.

I do not have DCP server and the server is numbered xx.xx.xx.1 and the computers are xx.xx.xx.2 and xx.xx.xx.3

I also have an additional cable attached to the router and have managed on serveral occaisions to connect a laptop which is sometimes used there as xx.xx.xx.4 so that it can share the printer and use the internet.

I today installed a new Dell desktop, similar to the others with XP Pro. I configured it through the startup screen as xx.xx.xx.4 and set the gateway and DNS addesses. It successfully see and use the internet fine and Internet Explorer works fine, HOWEVER I seem to be unable to get it to see the shared files or printer on the other machines.

When I select "view workgroup computers" it usually hangs. The other computers can see the new computer but not access it.

Each of the computers has a different name and the workgroup is called WORKGROUP.

Is there anything I am missing or should try.

Many thanks in advance.


XP Networking problem

Can you ping the other pc's from the new one?

Have you set windows firewall?

Is the subnet the same?

can you connect from the command line ie
net use p: \\computername\sharename password /user:username or try ip address instead of computername?

Have you turned of simple sharing? Turn it off in explorer choose folder options from the tools menu choose view and un tick simple file sharing.

To make things easy create an account on the new pc which has the same username and password as the other pc's and log in with that

XP Networking problem

check out the xpnetworking one


XP Networking problem

Hmm got in this morning and tried with Norton switched off and .... it all worked. Don't really understand that one but will remove Norton (which is on a free trial period in any case and load up AVG.

Thanks for all your help.

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XP Networking problem

Probably something in the Norton firewall settings that allowed internet traffic but blocked file access across the network. It is essential to have a firewall running if you are accessing the internet so have a look through the settings in Norton first. Failing that there are several good free firewalls e.g. Zonealarm, Sygate Personal Firewall etc. Try one of those.