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Won't shut down


Won't shut down

I have an old HP Pavilion 566 Mhz celeron with 384 Meg of RAM, OS W2000 Pro. All the updates are installed and it has been running beautifully for an old 'un till last week.

All of a sudden it will not shut down. Goes thru all the screens till the moniter closes down but the PC keeps running. I have to close down manually.

I have run an updated virus check and Norton Utilities but there does not seem to be a problem. The PC has also performed its own disc check but again no probs.

Other than the shut down prob, the PC still runs fine.

Anyone any ideas, Cheers
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Won't shut down

Has it got a Lan card set to WOL?
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Not sure how I would check that.

It is connected to a wireless modem/router via an ethernet cable but I have not changed any settings since I set it up about 2 months ago.