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Wirless Network


Wirless Network

I am thinking of setting up a wireless network to serve 2 PC's and a laptop computer with the possiblility of a futher wireless device.

I use video conferencing quite a lot on my PC and remote desktop.

I am thinking of buying a Netgear DG834G for my wireless distribution point to support 802.11g, as I already have a laptop card for 802.11g

Having only one static I.P address.

I would like an additon of two static I.P address.
One for the router.
One for video conferencing and VNC/Remote desktop.
One for Ftp server and home video survellance.
The rest would be NAT.

Is this a resonable configuration to be considering and is the a better way of doing this?

do yoiu really need more

When you say you want x static IP addresses - do you mean external as in 81..... or do you mean internal (this side of your router) as in 192.168....?
If you setup port forwarding etc you should be able to handle it all with one external IP address. ie ftp on port 21 etc etc.
Does this help

Wirless Network

Thanks that does give me a good starting point in the right direction