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Wireless network setup


Wireless network setup

Hi all!

I am looking at getting a new wireless network to replace the wired one I have ATM.

Basically, the phone point is downstairs and the PC is upstairs. There is also my Xbox upstairs. I understand that I need a wireless modem/router, a wireless PCI card and a wireless bridge/adapter for the Xbox.

Now, as the modem/router will be downstairs, and the PC and Xbox are upstairs, will it affect the transfer rate? Will it be a bit quicker than the current wired connection?

I was looking at the Belkin F5D7630uk4A modem/router. Is it any good?

And also, I have Sky and a phone downstairs - can I just plug a filter directly into the socket, then the modem directly into the filter and use a splitter for the phone and sky?

Thanks all!
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Wireless network setup

2 other routers to consider is the Netgear DG834G and Linksys WAG54G. Both have ADSL modem, router, 4 port switch and wireless capabilities. These are probably more polular than the Belkin.

11g wireless runs at 54Mbs, Ethernet normally runs at 10Mbs (10baseT) or 100Mbs (100baseTX - 100Mbs is more likely now) so system to system transfers will be slower with wireless (and the actual wireless speed can be effected to the signal strength going through walls etc). However your ADSL speed will not be effected as even tha fastes ADSL is only 2Mbs.

Your description of connecting the modem and sky is correct. Do you have another extension? If so how does it connect to the master socket. If it is wired in then any phone connected to the extension will be unfiltered so you need to use an ADSL filter/splitter to connect the phone.

Wireless network setup

I was looking at the Belkin F5D7630uk4A modem/router. Is it any good?

Brought one of these myself recently and it works fine. Very easy to setup and to use. It runs a little hot mind you, but that doesn't appear to affect it's operation.

Haven't quite sussed the whole wireless networking thing yet, but will get there eventually.

Dave W