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Wireless USB Adapter

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Registered: 03-08-2007

Wireless USB Adapter


Does anyone have experiences with wireless USB adapters (eg, Netgear WG111T, Linksys WUSB12) in comparison to wireless PCI adapters? I'm curious as to whether there is any benefit to the USB version other than not having to go digging around inside the PC.

There doesn't seem to be too much difference in the priceand performance according to the sales propaganda. :lol:

Wireless USB Adapter

I like the Netgear kit - had loads of problems with Linksys stuff (Cisco bought them and then left them with no investment and consequently they are crap)

The Netgear USB wireless card works really well, as do the in-pc cards. I found the newer USB devices easier to set-up than the in-pc cards however both do a great job with good support from Netgear.