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Wireless PCI card -> computer hangs from time to time

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Wireless PCI card -> computer hangs from time to time

Hi, hope someone can help.

Made the leap from single PC with adsl modem, to getting the netgear DG834G wireless router, new NIC plumbed in running swimmingly.

Then I bought a new PC for my wife (XP Home SP1). Her room is other end of the house so I also bought the Netgear WG311T wireless card. However her PC is misbehaving with it:

- When it's working I get an excellent signal, am able to share directories etc.
- When I'm dragging a any window, it usually 'freezes' during part of the drag for a fraction of a second and audio is interrupted if playing. Audio is also usually interrupted factionally when restoring a window from minimised.
- Computer occasionally hangs (eg after 10 mins), usually when trying some activity such as dragging a window, looking at hardware settings etc.
- From what I can remember, no problems when card was initially not installed. Also no problem when wireless is disabled and I connect with wires to the router.

No problems are shown in device manager. At first I thought it was an IRQ conflict (it was initially showing the same IRQ16 as the video card) - however a change of PCI slot which resulted in IRQ18 hasn't solved it.

Any help gratefully received.


PC details:
Athlon XP2500+ 333Mhz
XP Home SP1
MSI MicroATX MS6734 with via KM400 chipset
VIA S3G Unichrome graphics