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Wireless - How slow is too slow?


Wireless - How slow is too slow?

When picking a wireless router. How slow can you go before it starts acting as a bottleneck on a 2mb broardband conection?

Is there any point in going for the posh 108 netgear 'GT over the 54?

This is for a home network; two laptops wireless, (I've no idea how - but) a wireless conection to a printer and by no-means least a wired X-box.

Any hints or tips would be most helpful

cost is an issue, but not over performance...

Thanks Simon and Charlotte

Wireless - How slow is too slow?

You will not suffer a bottle neck at all on any wireless routers, as most are now G (54mbit/s) and some are B (11mbit/s) . The fastest ADSL you can get in this country is 8mbit/s (if you are lucky) thus you are fine with what ever you want. However, file transfering between the two PCs will be effected, and thus you should go for the faster ones if you do a lot of that.