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Windows XPPRO bootup Not


Windows XPPRO bootup Not

hi All
Problem is in a neighbours PC.He has just got this from a relative second hand .so don't realy know full spec.The PC is booting in as far as the black screen immediatly after the one with XPPRO on it then nothing on the monitor although have heard the hard drive running .It shows his hd & Cd in the bios correctly all cables checked for correct conection Can put XP CD in drive and it gets the load from CD press any key Screen .Do that and still sits there in effect wont load normaly or reload Windows .It seems to have a 800mhz AMD processor and 3 banks of SDRAM,I forgot to look at amount of said ram IF 3x32 would be 96MB or having seen that 1 is 32 mb the others would need to be 64 each to get over 128Mb am I correct in thinking that XP wont load if ram is less than 128MB He tells me that it was supposed to work before being passed to him.also as it appears to have XP on the HD must be at least 10MB.My question is this ,apart from some of the obvious above is there any other reason why XP would stop or appear to at the point this one does .The other question I have is this motherbord would apear to have a dual boot Bios set up could this cause problem as described ,No experience of dual boot Bios ,if can get XP to reload would this be removed .


Incedentally I've already mentioned to him that a new board might be a better idea rather than one that is maybe just maybe the root of the problem .But advice appreciated .
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Windows XPPRO bootup Not

Sounds like the graphics driver is corrupted.

Boot into safe mode and try reverting the graphics driver back to a previous version. start -> control panal -> system, hardware tab -> device manager button. Then select the graphics card from the list, select the driver tab then try the rollback driver.

You may also want to try reverting the system back to a previous restore point in safe mode.

You could also try changing the graphics driver to one of the generic microsoft ones.

When you get it booting up normally, download the latest driver for the graphics card.

Windows XPPRO bootup Not

Dual Bios is a Gigabyte idea it has 2 bios its only there if you do an upgrade or the first bios gets zapped you can use the second one to get it back to normal.

If you boot from the windows xp cd you should be able to do a repair. If it cant boot from the cd then it wont be a video problem as it just loads a default one anyway and the first part is DOS based anyway. It may be very slow but XP should boot with less than 128 meg. Check the memory in the bios or watch the memory count at the start.

If memory was silly like 32 meg then it will not boot. It sounds like the person who gave it away has taken some of the good bits out and put odds and sods they had lying about in.

In the bios try setting the bios to Fail Safe mode so it loads the lowest speed settings as if they have put old ram and stuff in it may be very slow. It should boot the XP cd as its just dos to start with

Windows XPPRO bootup Not

Thanks for the advice Guys got it running now it has to be something stupid as I took it home and it booted in seconds .Have found that the previous owner left a load of programs open and runnning plus it has 6 anti virus setups no firewall and a dial up connection all trying to acces the net at the same time it has plenty Ram at 512Meg even if it is SDRAM also not been run online since around Feb 2004 so to save more problems I think it best to reboot and full update for him even though he wont have it on line .

Thanks again for the advice