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Windows XP and Bluetooth


Windows XP and Bluetooth

My workmate is having problems getting his XP powered PC and Nokia 6680 to "talk" to each other via Bluetooth.I am not a Windows using person so perhaps someone can advise me on this.

For a Windows machine to use Bluetooth does "ActiveSync" need to be installed....... or does the Nokia require PC Suite to be installed.

I am wondering because it seems the phone can "see" the computer and the computer can "see" the phone until he tries to transfer a file and that is the point where everything goes pear shaped in that the phone does not except the file. he asures me that pairing has occurred because the computer sends a code number hence the query about needing other software installed on both devices.
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Windows XP and Bluetooth

I am not familiar with your friends equipment but I have "Bluetooth" working fine with my mobile phone. (Samsung)

I just installed the software and drivers that came with the "Belkin" dongle and the phone and PC can see each other fine.

However in order to be able to see the images that I had taken with the built in camera on the mobile I did have to tell it that they needed to be shared. (in the phone setup)
Once I had done that they just appear in a window and can be dragged and dropped to the PC.
If I take any new pictures then I do have to tell it that the new ones are shared as well so it's not automatic.

Windows XP and Bluetooth

All mobiles that have bluetooth have a differant way of comunicating and you need the phone software on the pc which will know how to do this. Some like Ericson use ftp which you would get away without the software.

Panasonics use a PIM transfer so this needs software that understands this. As long as both are set to visable and you pair them its down to software to transfer files. Nokias are ok as al the software is on there site free