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Windows XP Permission confusion

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Windows XP Permission confusion

After getting some new computer parts for christmas I'm setting up my computer again. I've decided to use multiple user accounts on my machine.

  • "Admin" - Can Install Software, new drivers, change system settings. Your regular administrators account. "Admin" is in the Administrators group.
  • "andrew" - My own account that I use for E-mail, Internet, Music, Games, College etc. The idea of creating this account is to restrict peoples access to my files. I've added my account to the power users group.
  • "guest" - Pond life.. has very basic access to the computer. Resides in the Users group.

Now I logged into my "admin" account to install a couple of applications (db power AMP - an MP3 ripper, Firefox, MS Office).
db power AMP will not run on either the "guest "or "andrew" account.
Firefox works absolutely fine. It gave me the option to install for all users on the computer during installation.
MS Office works fine without any help either.

So what is causing db power AMP not to work? I figure its something to do with register or maybe device access?

I've used the "Run As" command to start db power AMP under my "andrew" account with the access rights for "admin". The program now works. However its not saving any files. Each time you start the program you have to redo the settings. My thinking on this particular issue is you need to perhaps install the application on each account you want to use it on. Saving settings files to a directory they have access too. To do this I would need to run the installation file with "admin" account under your own user account like my "andrew" one? :roll:

Am I approaching this wrong? I imagine their must be someway to configure a program during installation with sufficient access rights for certain groups to be able to access the application?

OS = Windows XP Pro SP2


Windows XP Permission confusion

are you using NTFS?

if yes, go to c:\program files\PROGRAM and right click on that folder, then go to permisions and set them up correctly, I would assume some will not have access rights to your account "Andrew"

I would also guess the reason they are not saving is that they are trying to save to the defualt location? which would be c:\documents and settings\Admin\my documents\ and of course you do not have right permisions to here if you are running as \Andrew\ so try saving to c:\ or somewhere (you may need to change the axx on the entire C drive to allow Andrew to have right access.

hope this helps, if not drop me a pm and ill explain in greater detail about this stuff.