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Windows Pe Free


Windows Pe Free

I thought this may help a lot of people my site now caries Windows PE FREE.

What is windows PE?

It is Windows Xp which runs from cd rom only and it lets you recover your dead system. You can run Nero, Norton Ghost, Mcafee Av, Filemanger, Disk repair and much more all from the CD with a windows XP GUI.

So if your system wont boot you have a virus and you want to get vital data onto cd then this will do it for you and its FREE.

You must own the original Windows XP and Nero to build the cd but its dead simple to do. Do it now before your system crashes and its to late.
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Windows Pe Free

This sounds pretty good, I'll certinaly have a play with this one tomorrow when Im in work.

Will it help in the resurection from NT4 and 2k machines or is it particular for XP?

Generally though it sounds like something I would find of great interest with resurecting old machines.


Windows Pe Free

It is a full windows with networking remote desktop etc and customizable so it works for any windows O/S. You can read all version of ntfs repair the disk check for virus or burn data to cd.

All the tools will work on win2k, Nt, 98 and if you dont like it and need more tools simple add them into the build.