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Windows Genuine Advantage Tool upgrade failed

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Windows Genuine Advantage Tool upgrade failed

I have just used Windows Update to install an update of WDA and the update to the computer completed OK, but was followed by a message that the update could not be installed, and an error of KB893103 was given.

The orginal WDA tool was installed a month or so back with no problem and I use manual updating rather than automatic so that I can select what I choose to install.

I've tried redownload the update and have even switched my firewall off for a few minutes in case that was the problem. But the response is the same each time, though I note the attempted update is added to a list which grows each time I try.

I've looked at the error code on the Microsoft site but cannot see info on how to overcome the problem though some old references refrered to Active X as beeing the culpprit. I have the default setting for Internet Explorer, but actually use Firefox as my default browswer.

My concerrn is that WDA is now effectively blocking any attempt to go and inspect and download available Windows updates !

BTW I'm running XP Home on an Athlon 64 (single processor) PC

Any help in resolving this will be appreciated

Thanks Ron

Windows Genuine Advantage Tool upgrade failed

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