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Windows 64 and drivers issue how to fix it


Windows 64 and drivers issue how to fix it

I just built a new pc.

Asus sli deluxe mobo
4000+ amd 64
1gb pc3200 corsair xms pro
200gb seagate
xfx 7800gtx
windows 64

now picked my hardware as i knew it was compatible with windows 64 however forgot 2 things dow my wireless usb adapter and my canon printer.

heres how i fixed them

no router company basically have 64bit drivers for there products (crap i know)

but go here

and download there drivers open the inf file

on this line
; DisplayName Section DeviceID
; ----------- ------- --------
%Ralink.DeviceDesc% = RALINK.ndi, USB\VID_148F&PID_2570

copy the %Ralink stuff and then change the device id to yours....this can be found in device manager go to the device and go to its properties and its under details.

then try installing you hardware again and then reboot your pc.
works for

if the ralink drivers do not work then basically you can try broadcom i think there is another but it escapes me at the moment.

for my printer which is a canon pixma 4000 there are no drivers and non in the making only one printer currently has drivers 780 multifunction printer. this can be used on the pixma 4000 and other versions to allow you to use the feeder tray.

if you dont have a feeder tray and it just a single feed then use the add printer in windows and use the bjc 8000 i think it is and that will allow your printers to work on a 64bit windows.

I am now on a campain to get canon to support there hardware on an xp operation system like they should especially when their competitors do and if they dont they will loose alot of custom without them in my view.