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Windows 2000 not starting correctly

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Registered: 10-09-2007

Windows 2000 not starting correctly

Has anyone encountered tthis before. Windows 2000 booting up to blank screen. To bring up desktop have to use ctrl-alt-del to for Task Manager then selecting New Task which then runs Explorer.lnk ...then everything okay.

It's not my machine so dont know all its technical details but can find out more if more info required.

Many Thanks

Ian Fidler

Windows 2000 not starting correctly

Re-install/repair Windows?

Windows 2000 not starting correctly

That happened to me on XP in the past. Dunno why or how, but it fixed itself (mabye after a Windows Update? Who knows!).

Windows 2000 not starting correctly

i found having a large number / large files on the desktop caused it to crash on load and then I woul dhave to start explorer via processes. Tougth me not to store 5 linux distros on my desktop Smiley


Windows 2000

I think this can happen if Windows 2000 was installed from a copied disk and then the user has tried to use the Microsoft download patches and updates.
I've heard this happens with copies of XP also, although there is an article in The Guardian today - 11-11-04 which says that Microsoft is allowing updates to XP - even pirated versions - in the interests of improved security.
I'm not sure about all this but I have been checking it out as I plan to move from 98 to XP myself.
If you go to or Google for the Everest Toolkit, you can download and install this toolkit which tells you many useful things about your system, including the Windows product key an to whom it is licensed.
Good luck with it.