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Window disappears on collapse


Window disappears on collapse

I can minimise a window and restore it to full sceen but if I collapse it, it goes completely - not going to my task bar so I can recover it. The only way I can get the window back is to launch task manager and double click in the running process. Using Windows XP SP2. Anyone got any ideas please.


Pressing alt and tab keys bring up the program in the list that appears?

Id suggest installing the latest graphics drivers first (and motherboard if possible)

This should stop any graphical glitches

Also to help prevent more

Then run a vius scan, spyware removal and windows updates

Virus - AVG 7 Free is good
Spyware - Spybot S&D

Just google those 2 and run them regularly to keep your system in reasonable condition
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Window disappears on collapse

Is it being sent to the window where your clock is on the start bar?
Are you running some desktop enhancement proggy at all?