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WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC


WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

My computer has suddenly become extremely slow to start up. I thought I
would reinstall windows over the top of the existing system which often
cures a lot of problems but the WIN XP PRO cd wont run it gets as far as the
blue Windows Setup screen and then stops.

Can you advise me what to do please.

all drives have passed tests and have been checked.
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WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

It sounds like one of two things :-
1. Your Windows XP CD is corrupt.
2. Your hard drive is 3 year old or so and has decided it doesn't want to work anymore.

It's very similar to a problem I had before christmas. The latter was the problem and I simply replaced the hard drive and all was fine after that.

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

if it was lagging during the actual boot up of windows it could be your processor.

if it lags at the bios scree and during/after the windows splash screen could be your processor.

I had the problem of slow startup but i could reinstall. I had to replace my processor and it all working again

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

First off try bootvis from MS as this may solve it.

It depends were it is staling it could be somthing as simple as a networked device searching for the network.

Try hitting f8 and choosing boot log as this may show where the problem is.

Can you tell if the hard drive is going like mad or if the network card is flashing like made?

Often if you have connected to a network share it will try and restore it on startup and if it cant find it it will try and try.

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

Once your PC boots, hit start->run. Type in msconfig. Click on the "Startup" tab, and untick them all....close msconfig program, and reboot when it asks.

I'm 90% sure it should load much quicker...if it does, it's now a boring case of going through that list re-ticking them, and rebooting.

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

Hello All
thanks for replies. I have got the PC to boot a bit faster.
The m,ain problem now is that the computer will not boot with a windows xp disk.
I have tried three separate disks.
When the pc is running the disks all work well but I cannot over write with them as it says "disk is older than the installed OS"
The pc will boot with other bootable disks ok.

I have been advised to FDISK and start again I would like to avoid that if [possible.

any Ideas Please?

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

What xp Disk? I dont understand that bit do you mean XP cd?

I assume it boots from the hard drive ok? Try removing all external devices like usb pens, printers etc and see if that helps. Often usb pens make for a very slow boot.

Has the slow boot suddenly started? Have you got SP2 installed with AV etc?

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

It won't boot because you'll have service pack 2 installed, and the disc will more than likely be the initial version of Windows XP, pre any service pack.

Fdisk will wipe your hard drive, if you have it on a floppy disc.
If you don't have it check out

Other option is to get a windows xp service pack 2 cd. You can make a service pack 2 cd from the one you've got. Check out Look for slipstream stuff.

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

by XP CD I mean the microsoft windows XP Pro. Instalation CD.

yes I do have SP2 installed and I will try what ondaweb suggests.#
thanks to all who replied with help
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WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

Just seen this so you've probably got it sorted but.............

Check the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller properties for the primary channel (via Hardware / Device Manager) , then right click on that and then click on properties.

Then go to the Advanced Settings tab. If your disk is not that old it should have UDMA Mode 5 or possibly a lesser UDMA under transfer mode. If it has PIO mode it's because XP may have clocked the HDD because it detected some IO issues - it does this to preserve data. This gives rise to horrendous boot-up times, disk scans etc.

To solve this simply right click primary channel IDE ATA/ATAPI again and click uninstall. Reboot and XP will re-install the drivers at the fastest UDMA mode the disk can handle. This works in 90%+ of cases. If it still reads PIO it's likely to be either a HDD or even mobo IO controller problem. That means new harware when you've found out which is to blame.
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WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

Peter if you use Autostreamer you can slipstream your xp disk with SP2 very easily and it will solve your problem, follow the instuctions provided and its real easy

I can recommend autosteamer as one of the best and easiest to use with the added bonus of being free

WinXP Very Slow Boot ETC

thanks for that I will try it