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Win98 networking


Win98 networking

I'm adding an ethernet card someone gave to me to an old PC running Win98.

I downloaded the card's driver and tried to install, but the installation requires some stuff from the Win98 install disc, which I don't have.

How can I get around this? I don't want to have to buy Win98.

Any ideas?

Win98 networking

In which case your in trouble.

If it needs the disk then there are two possible outcomes.

1: You can attempt to make it search the windows directories. For the most part, many of the files can already be there.

2: You need the disk.

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Win98 networking

Or borrow a win98 disk from someone else. Make sure you get the correct one as there are 2 versions of WIn98: Win98 and Win98SE

If the system has not been networked before the network files it is looking for will not be on the system.

Just in case the win98 CD has been copied to the C drive (some OEM manufacturers so this) check to see if you can find any cab files called, If so, specify that folder when the driver install asks for the CD drive (use the browse option).

Win98 networking

When the installer asks for the files, try these locations:


If that fails, sometimes you can fool it by pointing it to the Windows directories


If that fails, you'll need a disk.

Win98 networking

If your machine was bought from a shop with windows pre-installed, then the windows 'cab' files should be on the machine somewhere. Do a search for *.cab. Once you have found the directory where all the install 'cab' files are, point any installer that requires windows files to that directory.

If you installed Win98 off someone elses CD, tough luck. Go and buy it.

On an related note, I would always insist that an original CD was supplied with any pre-installed OS. Ask yourself what you would do if you had a main disk crash or a virus that wiped your windows directory ?Huh

Win98 networking

Thanks for all your help.

The PC was bought with Windows pre-installed and didn't come with the installation disk. Bl∞dy MS :x

I'll try your suggestions

Win98 networking


The PC was bought with Windows pre-installed and didn't come with the installation disk.
Bl?dy MS :x

M$ can be blamed for many things but it is the OEM reseller that didn't supply the disks :?