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Win XP not picking up IP address from router


Win XP not picking up IP address from router


I've been having a problem of late, where when I install new software or windows patches, when I restart the computer. XP decides to find it's own IP address rather than use one assigned by my router.

The result of this completely cuts me off from the internet.

How can I stop XP from acting a DCHP server and ensure it uses the router to get it's IP address?



Win XP not picking up IP address from router

Windows XP will only assign its own IP address when it detects media (IE, a cable is connected) and it hasn't got a Static IP assigned, then the DHCP fails.

This allow networks where there is no DHCP server available, to automaticaly set themselves up.

Are you sure you have the latest drivers for your network card?
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Win XP not picking up IP address from router

Just assign your PC lan card an IP rather than using DCHP, which has proven a problem with some routers using DCHP and XP. As XP can on rebooting fail to retrieve the IP from the router so uses the windows default IP when it fails to get one
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Win XP not picking up IP address from router

I've download the latest drivers for my card so I'll see what effect this has.

I don't want to just assign an IP address within XP, as i've done this before and is causes me problems with my router's port forwarding rules.

I was just wondering if there was some setting in the network setup that I could change.
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Win XP not picking up IP address from router

Actually assigning a static IP for a server makes port forwarding easier because you know there is no danger that DHCP will assign a different IP to the PC at a later date.

Just adjust your DHCP setting in the router to only allocate IPs from say 10->100 then you can use anything above 100 for static IPs.

When setting a static IP you also need to set the gateway (to the routers IP) and DNS IPs ( and .50) manually, this is often where people go wrong.

I would check if there is updated firmware for your router as that can often cure problems like this.

Win XP not picking up IP address from router

I have a netgear DG814 router, with the latest version of firmware 4.10.

The main problem is that if I manually set the IP address, and I want to play certain on-line games. I don't have enough port forward rules space to cover all the games + programs + other machines on my home network. So I place my games PC into the DMZ.

If the router hasn't assigned assigned the IP address, it doesn't registered it as an attached device and won't allow the DMZ to work at that IP address.



Win XP not picking up IP address from router

sounds like you need to kill the dhcp on the netgear anyway and turn it into a regular server and do everything the static manual way.... Evil

Win XP not picking up IP address from router

just to let you now i'm using netgear dg 814 in dhcp mode
my pc got XP on
and i'm running a mirc server through my assigned port
numbers in router
now problem if you start your pc up regular it will still be
within the IP lease time that your router assigned in dhcp mode

i've been caught out with this one!! you open all ports up and trogens get in system Sad

please be careful

and buy the way i online game no probs


Win XP not picking up IP address from router

I have a strong software firewall as well, so I'm not too worried about using my DMZ.

I don't have enough port forwarding rules to cover all the games on my PC and games like C&C Generals don't work well with NAT . Using the DMZ gets around this problem.

It's the only game I playing using DMZ and my firewall is always running, in addition my virus checker uses a real time file scanner which does pick up trojans etc. I use also Trojan Hunter just to be sure.

Win XP not picking up IP address from router

ok gadjet, there is a way around admitedly, i havent read up on your router, but with most, this method will work.
asigning rules arent as bad as you think. normally, you will no doubt be accessing the router through your web interface. there should also be a serial port through which you would telnet to the 'bigger' menu. most routers will allow you to telnet via ethernet also, something most ppl dont realise. just call your telnet proggy up (hyper terminal will do) and when connecting, drop the menu down for ports and select the 'tcp/ip winsock' port as your selection. this enables most tcp ports to be used intstead of the serial cable. much quicker too.

the router manual should have a section on configuring multiple rules. therefore, you can choose a particular ip on your lan and set multiple ports for it.
you can then set each game with its own rules.

using dmz is risky business and firewalls can fold fast in the face of a serious scripter using buffer overflow techniques.
the idea of the router is that it employs nat, which seperates the lan from the wan. going into dmz nulls that and you lose your first layer protection.

why not get to know your router...sounds like a good occasion to.

Win XP not picking up IP address from router

I know my router back to front, and you can't access my router though anything else but a web browser. I know some routers you can access though telnet, but mine you can't and believe me I've tried.

My router only has space for 10 port forwarding rules, it's one of its downsides.Howver I've managed to setup all of the rules I need for all the games I play except C&C Generals.

As far as Nat goes, I'm well aware of what it does and how it works. However in the case of C&C generals its well know that it doesn't work well with Nat. I could have a go at configuring the settings file for the game but's it's more hassle than it's worth.

As far as my firewall is concerned, I'm pretty confident that it would hold fast. but I'm aware that you can't make any absolutes as far as the net is concerned. I also keep my PC upto date on all patches and fixes.

Thanks for the advice though