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Win XP OEM & Re-formatting


Win XP OEM & Re-formatting

I have a home built PC and a OEM version of XP HE and just wondered if anyone know's what'll happen if I reformat my PC - will i have to reactivate windows XP AGAIN!, and if so will it prompt me to buy another key? or is there a limit to how many time's you re-activate without it blocking your ey?

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Win XP OEM & Re-formatting

You could try this which supposedly gets round the product activation requirement providing you haven't changed anything.

Win XP OEM & Re-formatting

It also depends what sort of OEM version you have as a lot are tied to a OEM pc. Dell cd wont generally work on any pc other than Dell as it looks for the Dell bios.

If you have a oem you bought from a shop with some new hardware you should be ok. If you do have to reactivate you may not get away with it if its different pc. If its the same pc there should be no problem
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Win XP OEM & Re-formatting

This method does work however it has to be noted that if you have used any disk cleaning apps of any kind since first installing xp then its unlikely that "wpa.bak" will be found anywhere on your system rendering this whole process useless so check it is there before doing anything

This is because cleaning apps treat .bak files as being reduntant the same as temp and .tmp and deletes them

I cant see any reason why you would have any problems installing and activating a fresh version of oem xp as long as you still have the original licence key for your system and its the same machine

I have before and not had any problems but please dont take my word for it check and double check first