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Will imported computer parts work with my current hardware?


Will imported computer parts work with my current hardware?

This is a very serious question and I need a quick and reliable answer. I am interested in buying some foreign computer parts (mainly from america as the exchange rate is so good atm). If I say buy a processor will it work fine in my current pc setup or will the different input voltages matter.

I don't understand ennough about the electronics that happen inside a PSU to make this decision myself, but I am presuming that it would be okay, because all the power is regulated in the PSU so that pc components don't get fried.

I am experienced in computer/technical jargon as i have my own business and am an ICT admin so talk techy if you have to I just need an answer.

Thanks guys...
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Will imported computer parts work with my current hardware?

It does not matter where you buy the processor from, they are all manufactured in the same places anyway to the same spec. What you have to determin is whether your mobo will accept the processor you are considering. Just going out and buying say a P4 or a AMD Athlon does not mean they will work in all motherboards becaue there are many variations of the same processor.

You may find it's not much cheaper anyway because you will be liable for import tax and VAT on anything purchased outside the UK.

Thanks =)

Thats great, yeah as I said I build PCs on aregular basis so I know all about actual compatability, I should have been able to answer this question for myself though, because I know their all made from the same platter :p

Silly me really. Anyways nice to get some re-assurance. I can go and purchase my items now for a lot cheaper. And you don't always have to pay the import tax and vat depends if they decide at customs they want to or not. Your also less likely to get stopped if its a gift, which it is because its for myself =)

Anyways, thank you very much for your prompt response. Much appreciated.

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Will imported computer parts work with my current hardware?

The output voltage will be the same worldwide but not the imput so be aware that some PSU's will auto select the imput voltage whilst others have a selector switch for 115v or 240v.
Many are either 115 or 240 with no selection switch .
A quality PSU such as a Tagan are as heavy as a brick so I would suggest that regardless of what else you buy in US, get PSU here


Yeah, I have a really good quality PSU, lovely stable output and its already selected ta the rigth voltage. I don't think I would ever buy a PSU from another country :p