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Which Wireless Router


Which Wireless Router

I currently have a Binatone USB ADSL modem that is connected to my PC to provide me with broadband. I have a HP printer connected to the PC

I wish to connect my laptop for broadband access.

Can someone please let me what I need so that I can access the internet using my PC and laptop as well as being able to print from either the PC or laptop.

I believe I need a wireless ADSL router and a wireless card (for the laptop). Can someone recommend what would be the best wireless router, wireless card and anything else that I would need and how best to configure it all.
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Which Wireless Router

I do not think there is a straight forward answer to this one - you'll have to trash something in your set-up or accept some limitations.

With the USB ADSL modem, the PC is "in control" of the BB connection, so your laptop would need to connect to BB via your PC. It ought to be possible to do this via a peer to peer wireless link between the laptop and the PC, with the PC configured to "share the internet connection". This is not tidy and requires that the PC be always switched on and a wireless LAN card in the PC.

The tidy solution is as you suggest, a wireless ADSL router and a wireless card for the laptop. The PC could be connected in to the router using a RJ45 LAN cable if the PC has a LAN card, otherwise you'll need to buy a LAN card or a wireless card for the PC. The USB ADSL modem will then be redundant!

What to buy? I recently bought an Etec PC-Card wireless LAN card and Etec XG-6050 ADSL modem wireless router and it was an dream to setup on Windows XP Pro - just plug it in and switch on. The laptop connected straight to the router and indeed I configured it all over the wireless inteface - not highly recommended, but it worked fine for me. If you shop around, you're looking at about £75 for the router and £19 for the laptop card. PC PCI cards are about the same. Note the computer cards are 108Mb, 54Mb are a bit dearer! See for good prices. If you do go to him tell him "Magic" sent you!

Hope this helps,
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Which Wireless Router

I am planning on getting a Netgear DG834G wireless ADSL router. The best deal I have found is on Amazon which is offering free delivery with it.

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