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What's a Winsock fix?


What's a Winsock fix?

I've been unable to get any web pages for a couple of days. On broadband and dial up all I get is the DNS error/web page unavailable screen.

Suspecting a problem with I E, I installed AOL thinking this would re-install I E and cure the problem. It didn't, and the operator at AOL's support said I need a "Winsock fix".

Is there a software package which I can buy (or better still download free!) which will do this?

Any help for a dummy like me would be greatly appreciated.

What's a Winsock fix?

Its free and its here or

How you get it without being able to get webpages is another matter, its only small so it could be put on a floppy

What's a Winsock fix?

Thanks, mwright.

I'm using my son's old PC now, having just set it up on our network so, hopefully, I can save to a floppy.

HOWEVER, I now have a problem on this computer - I can't get SOME pages eg Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Hotmail, whilst others load instantly :?

Any ideas?


What's a Winsock fix?

It would appear that all I needed to do was re-boot because everything's working fine this morning Shockedops:

However the Winsock fix software suggested above say they are for XP but I've got 98SE on the problem computer. Will they still work?

Winsock Fix versions important,Ivan

Hi lucas14,

NOP!! I think your skating on thin ice be carefull here?? No! the XP winsock is for a Microsoft windows version which is obviously newer than Win98 SE. Nop!! have another look through the snapfiles site for a winsock fix BUT for win98SE. Failing this if its possible using another computer run a goolgle search for win98SE winsock fix? I'm sure you will find what your looking for or need.

**Some MS files have to be specifically for the version of windows your running and unfortunately knowing MS they probably wont be backwardly compatible and will result in errors or worst possibly a crashing PC.

**No! you definitely need the correct versions for win98SE.


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