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What is 1394 Connection/Net Adapter


What is 1394 Connection/Net Adapter

Just got first 'modern' pc (laptop) and broadband via
I've been playing with my new toy for a couple of days now and am finding things out I don't understand - dangerous.
I'll probably be asking a few questions - so here's one:

OS - Windows XP Home.

There is a normal telephone modem in buit in the laptop and I've got the voyager 105 ADSL external modem connected.
When look in 'Network Connection' it divides into 2 - 'Dial-up' and 'LAN or High Speed Internet'.
Under 'Dial-up' it lists the 2 modems mentioned above.
In the 'LAN or High Speed Internet' section it lists a 'Local Area Connection' and 'Wireless Network Connection', both have a red X in the icon and state unplugged and unavailable.
There is also '1394 Connection' which doesn't have a red X in the icon and states 'Enabled'. If I double click on this it syays it is connected and has sent/received 0 packets.

Should this be on.
Could I have switched on by accident.
What does it do.
Is it doing any harm.
Can I switch it off.

Apologies for length of question but I don't know which bits of information are important.

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What is 1394 Connection/Net Adapter

"1394" is one of the many code-names for what is generally known as "Firewire" - a similar technology to USB2. By default is should be on, in case you have any firewire peripherals, however, if you don't, you can of course turn it off... though there's absolutely no reason why you should want to. Smiley


What is 1394 Connection/Net Adapter

Its a firewire port. My laptop is 2 months old and it has 1. Yeah on mine it says on so i disabled it no need for it