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What does this mean?

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What does this mean?

Can anyone shed some light on what the following might mean? For about a week a new window has opened when I start up my PC (Windows XP) and I'm puzzled by it. I did have a trojan something or other which my firewall detected and removed - could it be something to do with that? Any comments welcome! (Plus tips on how to stop it happening!!)

The text in the new window reads:

'Sink started at 2005/05/14 16:38:15.0937 : : : : Sink stopped at 2005/05/14 16:38:15.0937'


What does this mean?


How are you connecting to the internet, dailup modem on POTS, or modem on broadband or router on broadband?. This message might just be your connection manager software trying to tell you that your braodband service has successfully synchronised and that you now have active working ADSL (braodband) connection which if this is the case theres nothing to worry about.

But if its not the above then all I can say is this sounds very suspicious to me ( I cannot identify this error or message as a legitimate XP service which might load on XP boot up). There are several things I would suggest to you, 1) just in case you are still concerned that your machine has been compromised and now has spyware or malware you should download one of the freeware anti spyware or anti adaware programs such as Lavasofts Ad_Aware SE edtion (free for personal use) (URL)

Or another you might try is called Spybot Search & Destoy, both of these programs should detect any nasties that might still be lurking on your system. Both programs offer an easy & quick & safe way to remove such nasty items.

2) In case you DO have a trojen horse infection you need a different tool as both of the above and anti virus software WONT detect a trojen (despite claims to the contarary!) I recommend that you download a trail version (just for detection purposes only) of the excellent Trojen Hunter which you can find at (URL)

3) Also worth running any anti virus software you might have over your entire system just in case what you have is actually just a virus or worm infection. Once again for a freeware anti virus software AVG free edition comes highly recommended (URL)

Regards Ivan
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What does this mean?

Also dont forget that with XP (and ME) You need to disable the System Restore when you are running the Anti Virus software otherwise it will not be able to remove or correct infected files..

Do this with Start----Control Panel-----System and then the System Restore tab.